ICT Monthly Article PDF Downloads:

Download File Humble Beginnings - April 25
How Would ICT Trade As a Neophyte: Trying too much and rushing isn't a strong starting point. ICT covers simple & powerful tips for the new upstart in Trading.

Download File Trading Major Reactions - May 25
Zeroing In On High Yielding Setups: How to find explosive setups before the retail Traders start talking about them in hindsight. ICT covers everything you need to know when it comes to huge odds setups in any market and any timeframe.

Download File Keys To Directional Bias - June 25
Learn the keys to building a "directional bias" for your Demo Trading practice and development.

Download File Day Trading With A Directional Bias - Aug 22
Specific concepts in which ICT employs in his highly accurate day trading approach to the Forex.